Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Geeky Kitchen

I've been looking around lately for geeky stuff for my kitchen. Since I will soon have a different kitchen in which I can decorate as I please, I was thinking about giving it a geek motif.  But to do that, there are some things that I would need.

How amazing are these! I would totally serve food on these. They're dishwasher safe as well!

I'm not sure why they picked these 2, but I think it's pretty awesome. My only problem would be deciding who's the salt and who's the pepper. I'd probably put salt in the Hulk, since he looks like he holds more and I don't use a lot of pepper.

I love how these fir together. Although it might look funny with my Star Wars plates.

I would prefer it to say Baking Dawn ;)

Every geek needs a Pi Plate

Wonder Woman Mixer

sadly these are only available in Brazil :(

And last but not least

I would totally make chocolate in them too!

So, what kind of geeky things do you have in your kitchen?

Thanks to That's Nerdalicious! and Stellar Four for wanting to help make my kitchen awesome